ATEasy driver for Agilent M918X

Victor B.
Lake Forest, CA

Sep 27, 2011
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Re: ATEasy driver for Agilent M918X

Digital Multimeter Instrument

Supported models: M9181A, M9182A, M9183A

This driver was generated using ATEasy automated Import Function Panel (FP) tool.

The driver uses a DLL: 'AgM918x.DLL'. provided with the M918X software package. It also requires the Agilent I/O libraries be installed.

Software package can be downloaded here:

Victor Brode

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Solution Available
Michael W.
Lititz, PA

Sep 12, 2014
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Re: ATEasy driver for Agilent M918X

Using the driver, I am able to initialize the session and read a DC voltage.  But when I run the self-test (DMM Utility SelfTest) (AgM918x_self_test), I get an error #17.  I know it is running the self-test because the instrument makes a series of beeping sounds just like it does when I run the Soft Front Panel.  I get a passing message in the Soft Front Panel, but no result using the driver command.  What's the problem?  It's as if I can only use the InstrumentSpecific commands, not the Utility commands. I really need a way to run the self-tests and return a result. Thanks.

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