GetPrivateProfileString function

Garry B.
Tucson, AZ

Aug 18, 2012
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Re: GetPrivateProfileString function

There doesn't seem to be any examples of using GetPrivateProfileString in the ComChat example and I can't get the function to work even when I paste it into ComChat and use the same INI file. Is there a working example somewhere?


Garry Brunenkant

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John K.

Aug 19, 2012
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Re: GetPrivateProfileString function

hi garry!

i may not be the proper person to reply to you, but i had problems with this function too and i want to tell you how i fixed it, maybe this will help you too.

sEtdb = "abcdefghij"

getprivateprofilestring("global", "extern_db",sEtdb,sEtdb ,5, m_initfile)

in the above example, i am reading the key "extern_db" under the "global" section from the file with its path stored in the "m_initfile" variable.
the key value is read and placed within the "sEtdb" string variable.

this doesn't work if i don't initialize the string variable as in the example above (sEtdb = "abcdefghij", for example). if you don't want to initialize it this way, you can declare a size for the string when you declare the variable (under the variables section of the module or of the function itself. ex. sEtdb      string:10).

so it is mandatory to specify a size for this string variable in a way.

i hope this solves your issue.

best regards,

john k.

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