Using .Net generics

David K.
Tucson, AZ

Feb 14, 2013
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Re: Using .Net generics

I am trying to get ATEasy/.Net to infer the type of a generic function.  See my class below:

   public class MyClass
      public void foo1<T>(ref T ob)
         T val = default(T);
         ob = val;

Here is my ATeasy code:

myClass = new Lib.MyClass()

ATEasy seems to recognize that it is a generic function since it provides the "<T>" portion of the method call.  However, it will not compile the code (error 549 -"Expected open parenthesis...").  

Is my syntax wrong?  Will ATEasy just not work with generics?

Victor B.
Lake Forest, CA

Feb 15, 2013
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Re: Using .Net generics

Hi David,

ATEasy does recognize and display generics, but they are not supported.  You will need to instance the generic and export it.

Victor Brode

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