GX7944 endpoint mode ?

Alexander K.

Nov 10, 2014
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GX7944 endpoint mode ?

Good day.

Can you help me ?
Can GX7944 work in endpoint mode ?

We want tou use (try to find a solutions) this card like a additional processor  for some calculations with a data from Ethernet interfaces.
This card must be work on bus like a I/O module (after additional programming).
We plan to insert it in a peripherial slot in chassis.
If I think well - we have to problem:
1. This card is a controller for PXIe bus and (may be) can't work like a peripherial module (controller is another card).
2. This card inserting in a peripherial slot and can't be power supply like a controller (see PXI specifications for power for module's type).
3. Can it work in NI chassis or only in Marvin GX 7600 PXI Express chassis ?

Wait a answer.
Thank you.

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