ATEasy Driver for GE/Condor-Engineering QCP-1553

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Orr K.
Irvine, CA

Dec 16, 2014
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Re: ATEasy Driver for GE/Condor-Engineering QCP-1553

GE/Condor-Engineering QCP-1553

This driver was generated by ATEasy from a Function Panel (FP) driver and revised for ease of use.

The driver uses a DLL: 'busapi32.DLL' anbd was tested with BusTools-1553-API_v8.12 package.
The DLL is provided with the FP driver and installed to a directory,
that resides in either your PATH system environment variable. %VXIPNP%\WinNT\Bin,
or register value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IVI\IviStandardRootDir\Bin.

This driver DLL does not require VISA 2.0.1 or IVI.

Zip file includes examples.


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Jason D.
Irvine, CA

Jan 14, 2019
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Re: ATEasy Driver for GE/Condor-Engineering QCP-1553

Attached is an updated ATEasy driver for use with BusTools-API v8.22.

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