Ignoring Specific Warnings or Warning Instances

Ben W.
King of Prussia, PA

Jun 21, 2016
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Re: Ignoring Specific Warnings or Warning Instances


I was wondering if during the build process it would be possible to have ATEasy suppress/ignore specific warning codes or even specific instances of warnings if there are multiple warnings of the same warning code. For example, a driver form variable is not referenced in a program but another program may reference that variable. The unused variable warning appears in the program that doesn't use the variable. I know I can disable all warnings or just unused variable warnings, but that could hide warnings that I'd like to be shown.




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DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Jun 23, 2016
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Re: Ignoring Specific Warnings or Warning Instances

There is no way to mask the unused variable warning, except from adding a refrence to it in the driver.

I think we can improve this by adding ignore flags similar to the one the C compiler has. I will add it to our suggestion list.

We probably need two ignore flags:  In the case of private driver variable, the warning is always correct since the variable cannot be reached, if  the variable is a public driver then it could be that another project will be using it. In any case, If you are defining a driver variable to be used from outside of the driver, it's a good practice to have a set/get commands/procedures to use it, instead of accessing it directly.

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