ATEasy v9.0 build 152b trial ?????

Vincent G.

Jul 21, 2016
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Re: ATEasy v9.0 build 152b trial ?????

Hi community,

This is my first post here, i want to evaluate ATEasy being NI TestStand user.
My issue is about the trial licence which can't activate....
The License Setup dialog box ask me if i want a trial, i click OK then got a beautiful message :
"No licence was found".....

I downloaded ATEasy from marvintest website so i don't have anu Product Number ID...

Any hints on what's the issue. ?
Best Regards ,
Vincent GIRAUD

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Orr K.
Irvine, CA

Jul 21, 2016
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Re: ATEasy v9.0 build 152b trial ?????


There are two things you can try. The first will be if you need a released version of software and the second is if you are willing to work with a pre-release.

1. First make sure that there are no other error messages when you open ATEasy. If you see "Unable to open HW.sys/VXD" then follow this knowledge base to fix it. When you get the No License found message Click Ok. The License Setup dialog box opens and you should see a drop down list. Change the selection from 30-day license to Single License. Then change it back to 30-day license and click ok. It should say successfully installed license.

2. The second thing you can do is install the latest pre-release. This should fix your issue without having to do the previous solution.


DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Jul 26, 2016
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Re: ATEasy v9.0 build 152b trial ?????

Another suggestion is to Run ATEasy as Administrator: Right Click On ATEasy Shortcut and select Run as Administrator.

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