"Check All” vs “Build/ReBuild” in ATEasy

Raz A.

Aug 9, 2016
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Re: "Check All” vs “Build/ReBuild” in ATEasy

I use ATEasy version 6-136b.

In one of the projects i use a third party driver that is password protected, so i cannot look at its code.

when i want to compile and check for errors (by clicking "Check All") i am getting:

Compiling ...
Compiler error #570: Expected integer expression, found in 'A2D.API_RemoteRegister' in line 3

But, when i am trying to compile & build the project (by clicking "Build" or "Rebuild all"), i get this:

    ------ Rebuild All started: Project: ST ------
Compiling ...
No Errors

Creating 'D:\ST.exe' ...

When i run the ST.EXE everything works fine.

How can it be? in both cases i see that its compiling the code (Compiling ...)

Solution Available
DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Aug 9, 2016
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Re: "Check All” vs “Build/ReBuild” in ATEasy

Check All - checks all procedure no matter if they were referenced in your project.
Build and Rebuild All - only checks your project referenced procedures.
Since in your project you are not calling API_RemoteRegisterthe error you have will not shown.

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