GX3104 Source Measure Unit

Manuel O.
Littleton, CO

Oct 16, 2019
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GX3104 Source Measure Unit


I'm new to using this hardware and I would like to know how do I connect an SMU channel as a source/power supply and be able to monitor its voltage output and current?

I'm not sure what the +FORCE is for. I found another product online that has the output taken across the HI and LO (this allows you to monitor the current) and the sense lines allow you to monitor the voltage. Can you guys help me out with this?

For channel 0, I have:

Pin 1     --> VIA-OUT       --> Channel 0 Out (+FORCE)
Pin 2     --> HI Guard A   --> Channel 0 HI Guard
Pin 3     --> GND_S_A     --> Channel 0 Remote GND Sense (-)
Pin 14  --> KLVNA_IN    --> Channel 0 Remote Sense (+)

Thank you,

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