Set time and date from ATEASY

Raz A.

Jun 22, 2020
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Re: Set time and date from ATEASY

I am using ATEASY 7 142g in windows 7

i want to set date and time from ateasy code.
i know that there is cmd commands, but is there ateasy library that does the same thing?

And, is there a form\control for setting the time and date?

Solution Available
DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Sep 9, 2020
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Re: Set time and date from ATEASY

Use the following code:

! open control panel applet to change date time and time zone

! set parent to the buttons form
Delay(1000)    ! let the window create before we can find it
h=FindWindow(0, "Date and Time")
SetWindowLong(h, -8, TestExec.GetCurrentForm().hWnd)

! disable current form

! Wait until Date/time window closed
while IsWindow(h)

! re-enable

Where the following are decllared in TestExec.drv but in case you don't have them and using older version::

DLL User32
    File = User32.dll
    ReloadOnStart = False
    LoadOnAccess = True
    Public = True

enumGetWindow: Enum Public
    GW_OWNER: Long Const = 4

Procedure IsWindow(hWnd): Bool Public
    hWnd: Val AHandle

Procedure SetWindowLong(hWnd, lIndex, dwNewLong): Long Public Alias = SetWindowLongA
    hWnd: Val AHandle
    lIndex: Val Long
    dwNewLong: Val DWord

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