Mark M.
Tucson, AZ

Feb 17, 2023
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Re: KERNALBASE.dll Issue

I am a test system which is running Windows 10 Professional, 64-bit OS.  We just recently upgraded our license from ATEasy v10 to v11 (2021), and changed from using ATEasy X to using ATEasy 2021 (64-bit) on that system.  When running tests the other day, I kept having fatal crashes of ATEasy w/ notifications of errors with KERNALBASE.dll being the culprit.  After doing some research, apparently KERNALBASE.dll is generated by Windows, during installation, with computer-specific architecture being the basis for the file generation.  Now, we did not have these errors occurring while using ATEasy X, which gives me the impression that it is an issue with ATEasy 2021 (64-bit), and not an issue with my DLL.  I can't just replace my DLL with any other, since it is system-specific.  My questions are these:
1. Are others seeing this issue?
2. If so, have you reported it to Marvin Test?  Have the gotten back and confirmed it to be a known problem they are trying to solve?
3. And/or, did you find a solution outside of anything Marvin Test is/is not doing about it?

Solution Available
DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Feb 17, 2023
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Re: KERNALBASE.dll Issue

I understand that you have a DLL that you are calling from ATEasy, is the DLL 32 or 64-bit? We would advise using ATEasy 64-bit only if some of the DLLs that you are using are 64-bit, otherwise using the 32-bit ATEasy on 64-bit OS is preferred since calling 32-bit DLL from 64-bit process require extra handling and conversions and is slower.

If using the 32-bit did not solve the issue, you will need to provide an ATEasy Exception file using our web portal Magic (see, so we can further analyze this issue.


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