ComSend with Escape-Sequence

Hendrik R.
Bad Sassendorf,

Jun 11, 2024
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Re: ComSend with Escape-Sequence

Hello everyone!
I would like to send a string chain to a terminal device using the procedure. The current call looks like this:

ComSend(Address, “”, 1000,, “\x01\xCE\x00\x00\x27\x60”)

This also works. Now I would like to use the \xCE (CE is a command) as a variable. In other words:

Variable1 = “0xCE”

ComSend(Address, “”, 1000,, “\x01” + Variable1 + “\x00\x00\x27\x60”)

However, I then have the problem that the \x00 is no longer sent. With the second command, I only see the following above the USB sniffer: 01 CE
However, I would like to see the following string in the USB sniffer:
01 CE 00 00 27 60
I also get this when I use the first ComSend command.

Does anyone have a tip or an alternative procedure that I can use?

Many thanks in advance!

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Paul T.
Maennedorf, Zurich

Jun 11, 2024
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Re: ComSend with Escape-Sequence

Hi Hendrik

I think you need the chr() command.
Try the to use „… + chr(Variable1)+ …“.


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