MsgBox Color

Curtis S.
Lititz, PA

Sep 2, 2009
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Re: MsgBox Color

Is there any way to change the color of a Message Box?  I would like to use color to allow an operator to differentiate between two separate test fixtures.

DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Sep 2, 2009
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Re: MsgBox Color

You cannot change the colorof the internal library MsgBox().
You can use the TestExec.drv display such a form. There is an example for the testexec message box in the TestExec.Prj example. To see it open the example and open Test 1.1 in UUT1 program. You should see the following code:

    TestExec Utility MessageBox("MessageBox", aMsgOk, "Test Exec Message Box example")
    ! test exec message box

    ! test exec modless message box example while test is running
    TestExec Utility Message Display("Performing Test... Please Wait...", "Test Exec Message Display (modeless message box example)", 20000)
    ! set back colors to red


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