PXI Resetting

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Robert H.
Grand Prairie, TX

Dec 24, 2009
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Re: PXI Resetting

I have a Geotest rack that contains a GX5150 and other cards. Here is the problem:
1) I pull up the PS panel (GX7400) and set the voltage and turn it on.
2) Open DIOEasy and open the control panel for the GX5150
3) Reset the 5150

Then the entire rack resets!!!

Any clues?


Amit G.
Irvine, CA

Dec 24, 2009
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Re: PXI Resetting

What other cards do you have installed? And what type of controller/chassis do you have? Were there any recent changes made to the system (cards installed, moved around etc.) that occured before you noticed this resetting issue?

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