Ethernet Capability

Jim G.
LaVergne, TN

Jan 12, 2010
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Re: Ethernet Capability

Are ehy any drivers or commands for ateay to commuicate via an ethernet connection

Arne V.
Almelo OV,

Jan 14, 2010
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Re: Ethernet Capability

Hi Jim,

Check the code example below ....



  \brief        Open telnet connection

  \description  Open telnet connection with target
                  Keep connection open until TelnetClose is called.

  \param[in]    sNameAddress        IP address of target to connect with

  \return       TRUE    Success
                  FALSE    Error. Use GetErrorMessage() to get error

  \pre          SetTelnetPort() must be called.

  \post         none

/* Store telnetport for later use */
TelnetSettings.Port = lPort

/* Returns the address for a specified host name or string address */
TelnetSettings.Address = WsGetNameAddress(sNameAddress)
if ( TelnetSettings.Address = -1 ) then
    ErrorMessage("TelnetOpen: WsGetNameAddress() failed")
    return FALSE

/* Open a TcpIp Socket for Client communication */
TelnetSettings.Socket = WsCreate(aWsTcpIp, 0)
if ( TelnetSettings.Socket < 0 ) then
    ErrorMessage("TelnetOpen: WsCreate() failed")
    return FALSE

/* Connect to the target */
lStatus = WsConnect(TelnetSettings.Socket, TelnetSettings.Port, TelnetSettings.Address, 5000)
if ( lStatus <> 0 ) then
    ErrorMessage("TelnetOpen: WsConnect() failed")
    return FALSE

return TRUE

Solution Available
DrATEasy (Ron Y.)
Mission Viejo, CA

Jan 14, 2010
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Re: Ethernet Capability

Also, look at the WsChatIE.prj and the WsChatMT.prj examples that are in the examples folder. These examples show how to communicate between computers using Ethernet and the ATEasy WsXXX internal functions. You can also use IO Tables to do that.

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