Real time data from GX5292
Tom P.
Fort Wayne, IN

Apr 23, 2010
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Re: Real time data from GX5292

I know the GX5292 really isn't capable of real time data streaming, but I'm in a situation where I need to find a way to make it stream data in real time as best as I can. I've come up with a method of commanding the GX5292 to do short bursts of data gathering, pause the card and read the data from the card. The trouble now, is how do I read the data file and convert it to a hex value that I can display? The DI output file appears to be in some compressed form that at first glance is not easy to reverse engineer. Is there a library that exists that would allow me to directly read from a GX5292 output file? Has no one else had the need for this?

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Dale J.
La Verne, CA

Apr 27, 2010
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Re: Real time data from GX5292

Hi Tom,
This is just a repeat of the information I posted to your Magic incident, but it will close the loop on this forum.  There are several functions in the DIO driver that facilitate reading and writing patterns to a file and to the hardware.  The functions are the same, the only difference is whether you pass in a file handle or an instrument handle.  Here is a simple example of how to read vectors from a DIO file, write the vectors to hardware, run the hardware, then read captured data from hardware:

Short    nBanks, nBoardHandle, nDensity, nStatus, hFileHandle, nBoardType;
Long    alTriState[1], alResp[1], alStim[1], lSize;
String    sFileName;

    \\  First read from DIO file

    \\  Use Malloc to dimension arrays - couldn't remember syntax
    Redim alStim[lSize];
    Redim alResp[lSize];
    Redim alTriState[lSize];
    \\ Initialize hardware
    \\ Write vectors read from DIO file to hardware
    \\ Write Halt command at last vector
    \\ Arm instrument and Trigger
    \\ Wait for DIO to finish - could also poll status register
    \\ Make sure hardware is halted
    \\ Read captured data from hardware


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