Modifying ATEasy Code During Debugging

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Summary Describes when code modifications take effect and the order of code parsing by the ATEasy JIT compiler when debugging
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ATEasy Code that was already parsed will not re-parsed to include the new code changes in the code editor. Code that was not yet parsed by the ATEasy's Just In Time compiler is parsed  when called and  the latest code changes will take effect.

When the application is started, ATEasy first compiles the application module events and the procedures and commands referenced by these events. When a program is run ateasy first compile its events. Tasks tests  are compiled before they are about to be executed (one task at a time).  When a DoIt! is executed only the highlighted code and the referenced procedures and commands are compiled.

Since module events are always parsed when the application is started, code changes in module events will only take effect when the application is started but not during debugging.
Article Date 5/31/2000
Keywords ATEasy, Compiler

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