Printing an Image or Form Data from ATEasy

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Summary Printing a chart involves two steps: 1. Save the chart to an image file. 2. Print the image file.
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The process is comprised of two steps. The first step is to save the chart to a image file. The second step is to print the image file.

1.  To save to an image file, use the Image property with the SavePicture() internal library routine.

2.  Use one of the following methods to print the saved image file:

  • Use WinExec() with MSPAINT or any other application that supports printing of picture from the command line (/p).
  • Use the Log control in HTML mode to insert a picture tag to it with the file saved. Then, use Log.PrintLog. This method is very flexible, as you may add text and/or other drawing elements to your printout.
  • Use COM libraries such as Word and Excel to send a picture and to print.
Article Date 9/25/2002

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