PCI/PXI explorer hangs when opened

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Summary PCI/PXI Explorer and HWTEST hangs after running in computers that has PCI device #31 or PCI device function #7 PCI/PXI explorer. Upgrade the HW driver to version 2.11 or newer to fix this problem.
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The problem can be replicate usually on new Dell computers since their mother board contains a PCI device with function #7.

To replicate the problem, you can run the HWTEST application from the Program Files\Geotest\HW from the command prompt:


After running it you will see endless list of PCI devices displayed in the command window.

Geotest fixed this issue with HW (hardware access device driver) v2.11. This driver is shipped with every Geotest product that was released after December, 3 2002.

Article Date 12/3/2002
Keywords HW, PCI, HWTEST, PCI/PXI Explorer

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