Setting test requirements (e.g. Min/Max) from an external file

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Summary Test requirements can be read from an external file (Text file, binary file, excel spreadsheet or data base)
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The following describe a way to use external requirements files:
  • Open the external test requirements file in Program.OnInit.
  • Read the new requirements file.
  • Set the program test objects properties. You can set the test properties in OnInitTest (e.g., Test.Min=dMin) or for the whole program at once during Program.OnInit by looping and setting the test's objects (e.g., Program.Tests(name or number).Min=dMin).
If you want to set the test requirements for all the  program tests at one time, do that after the program is running (e.g. OnInitProgram and not in OnInitSystem) since the run statments will reset any requirements you set.

The external file can be text, binary, an Excel spreadsheet, or a database. Text and binary files can be opened and read using ATEasy's FileXXX internal library functions. Excel spreadsheets or database files can be opened using Excel or ADO COM objects using a type library. For example code, refer to the ATEasy Excel example.

Article Date 2/20/2003
Keywords ATEasy, Test, Min, Max

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