Implementing Serial Bus Interfaces with General Purpose Digital…

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Summary By Dale Johnson


The use of generic digital test instruments for emulating common serial bus protocols can provide benefits over dedicated bus test products, and often presents a trade-off between functionality, flexibility and cost. For example, a dedicated test instrument solution can offer more extensive test capabilities such as protocol support for controlling and analyzing traffic between a bus controller and a device under test.  However, a more general-purpose solution that utilizes a digital test instrument can offer the flexibility to adapt to non-standard line rates and timing as well as supporting other digital test needs. This paper presents an overview of how a general-purpose digital I/O instrument such as the PXI GX5290 series of DIO cards can used to support three widely used serial bus interfaces. By using a general-purpose digital I/O solution, users can potentially realize a lower cost test solution, a more compact test system footprint, multi-site test capability, a common user control interface and expandability for future requirements.

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Article Date 10/1/2009
Keywords digital serial bus, GX5290 series, SPI bus, I2C bus, JTAG 1149.1 bus

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