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Geotest Releases ATEasy 5.0 - Test Executive and Development Studio

Geotest’s ATEasy ® 5.0 Test Executive and Development Studio

Offers Enhanced, Royalty-Free Features

Irvine, California (May 5, 2005) - Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., has released a new version of its award-winning ATEasy software, which now includes an enhanced, ready-to-use Test Executive. The new test executive offers users and groups based privileges and UI customization, touch panel user interface support, along with many other new features and options. Improved integration of the test executive to the test application allows users to easily customize the test executive user interface using customization dialogs or programmatically. The test executive also includes seamless integration with the test sequencer (profile) and the new fault analysis modules using the ATEasy modular plug-in architecture.

The new development environment offers new support for .NET assemblies, COM/ActiveX, DLL, and C/C++ header file importing, LabView VI calling/browsing support, function panel driver (*.fp) importing, complete IVI instrument drivers support, Source Safe integration, and much more. Users can take advantage of the latest software technologies to develop their test application without really mastering them. As with previous versions of ATEasy, application and code developed with prior versions is fully compatible with ATEasy 5.0 including the royalty-free executables generated using ATEasy. A complete list of the new features can be found on the Geotest web site at\ateasy.

“The latest version of our test executive makes it easier for users to customize it to meet their requirements without coding. Users groups allow the Administrator to customize the user interface for operators that require a Go No-Go environment, as well as test engineers who require more control and debugging features,” said Ron Yazma, Vice President of Software Engineering.

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