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Geotest Unveils New Bi-Directional Digital I/O Card

Geotest Unveils New Bi-Directional Digital I/O Card

AUTOTESTCON 2005 - Irvine, CA (September 19, 2005) - Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., a global supplier of electronic test equipment for aerospace, semiconductors, telecom, medical, industrial and military applications, today announced the addition of the GX5641 digital I/O 3U PXI card to its family of PXI cards and chassis.  

Used for general data acquisition, process control, automatic test equipment and functional test, and factory automation, the GX5641 consists of 64 Bi-Directional TTL-Differential channels and supports 128 individual digital inputs or outputs. The card’s channels can be predefined to convert TTL to Differential and vice versa.  Whether operated independently or controlled by software, the GX5641 offers broader application and higher precision than similar test & measurement instruments.

"The GX5641 allows customers to convert existing TTL I/O signals to differential TTL I/O or to operate in a stand-alone mode, " said Loofie Gutterman, Geotest President.
"It is a versatile card that can be used in conjunction of many existing TTL I/O cards available on the market today."

See the GX5641 highlighted on the Sensors Magazine website.

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