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Geotest Expands PXI Catalog – Adds Six New 3U PXI Cards

Geotest Expands PXI Catalog – Adds Six New 3U PXI Cards

AUTOTESTCON 2005 - Irvine, CA (September 19, 2005) - Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., a Marvin Group Company, today announced the addition of six new 3U PXI cards to its family of PXI modules and mainframes.

Geotest has significantly expanded its 3U PXI portfolio with the introduction of the high performance GX5283 Digital I/O instrument, a family of 3U switch cards, the GX1838-20 multi-channel DC source, the GX5641 digital I/O instrument and the NX5001- ROM emulator. The GX5283 provides unmatched digital test capability by providing 32 channels of 200MHz test rate capability with 512 MB of memory in a 3U form factor. The GX1838-20 builds on the GX1838 and offers three precision, programmable +/- 20-volt sources. The addition of two new 3U switch modules provides general purpose and high current switching capabilities for a variety of applications and the NX5001 further expands Geotest’s catalog of ROM emulators by adding 3U versions of the NX5000, which support 8, 16, or 32 bit ROMs.      

"With the introduction of these modules and our new 3U PXI chassis, we now have one of the broadest offerings of PXI products for 3U and 6Uapplications in the industry." said Mike Dewey, Product Marketing Manager for Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc.
"The ability to offer a wide range of products in both formats now provides our customers with a full range of instrument and switching options when designing or upgrading their test systems."

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