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Geotest Releases Programmable Hand-Held Laser Source Simulator (LSS)

Geotest Releases Programmable Hand-Held Laser Source Simulator (LSS)

AUTOTESTCON 2005 - Irvine, CA (September 21, 2005) - Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., a global supplier of electronic test equipment for aerospace, semiconductors, telecom, medical, industrial and military applications announces the release of the MT1888A, hand-held Laser Source/Spot Simulator (LSS) for use in missile and pre-flight testing of laser-guided munitions such as Hellfire, Hellfire II, AGM-65E, Paveway and more.

The MT1888A and it’s sister product, the MT1888, are state-of-the-art LSS instruments that are used for testing seekers of laser guided munitions. As a hand-held LSS, the MT1888A can be used in the field (O-level) or in the shop to exercise laser seekers by simulating the laser return of the lased target.        

The MT1888A is a field programmable unit that uses an LCD display and membrane switches to select any PRF code from 1111 to 1888 or Army PIM code (Alternate Codes) from 4111 to 4888. The user can select any valid PRF and PIM code, which will cause the LSS to modulate the laser signature.  The MT1888A utilizes TST5 keywords to generate PIM codes.  The user can enter any prescription to create keywords, which cannot be saved and can only be used until the power is turned off on the unit.        

Price and Availability: The MT1888A is currently available.  Starting price for the product is under $10,000.

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