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Marvin Test Solutions Features Advanced Flightline to Factory Test Solutions at AUTOTESTCON 2015

Irvine, CA. October 23, 2015Marvin Test Solutions, a trusted provider of innovative test solutions for military and commercial aerospace organizations, announced today the company’s involvement in AUTOTESTCON 2015. The 51st annual IEEE AUTOTESTCON conference takes place November 2- 5 in Washington, DC for ATE leaders exploring the latest technologies that support the production and maintenance of mil-aero products and systems for military and aerospace organizations.

This year at AUTOTESTCON, Marvin Test Solutions will feature a range of test solutions that demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to delivering systems that provide outstanding value and performance for military and aerospace customers including:

  • GX7016 GENASYS Switching Subsystem – a component of the mixed-signal, GENASYS platform, the GX7016 offers a new level of high performance, high density signal switching for board and system level functional test with an “any-resource to any-pin” architecture. The architecture incorporates a modular switch matrix and multiplexer architecture with the MAC Panel 6U Scout receiver, providing up to 4608 multiplexed, hybrid I/O pins without cabled connections. The GENASYS system has been selected by two major military – aerospace primes to support the manufacturing test of high value, complex products.
  • GX5296 digital subsystem, the newest addition to MTS’ portfolio of PXI digital instrumentation, the GX5296 delivers unrivaled timing, density, memory, and parametric measurement capabilities. Featuring sub-nanosecond edge-placement resolution and PMU per pin capabilities, the GX5296 offers features and capabilities that have only been available previously in proprietary ATE systems.  Featuring high channel density, customers can configure a system with up to 512 channels within a single, compact PXI chassis.
  • The MTS-3060 SmartCan™,  an innovative universal O-level test set for 4th and 5th generation fighter aircraft, offering advanced test capabilities for both legacy and smart weapons including MIL-STD-1760 weapon systems such as JDAM and AMRAMM as well as legacy systems such as Maverick and Sidewinder.
  • The MTS-200 Series Field Test Sets, these PXI-based platforms offer I-level and O-level test capabilities in a portable, ultra-ruggedized configuration for a wide range of weapon and avionics test applications including F-35 armament testing, missile system testing, universal armament testing, and more.
  • ATEasy test executive and development software, with over 20 years of field proven deployment, ATEasy offers a full spectrum of ATE features including full featured simulation, a hardware abstraction layer architecture, and unrivaled long term support and version compatibility, ensuring extended system life cycle support.


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