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Marvin Test Solutions MTS-3060 SmartCan Selected as the Flightline Armament Test Solution for F-16, TA/FA-50, and Hawk

Asian Air Force modernizes and standardizes test capabilities of their legacy fighter and trainer aircraft with the next-generation SmartCanTM test set

Singapore – February 16, 2016 – Marvin Test Solutions, a trusted global provider of innovative test solutions for military and aerospace organizations, today announced its MTS-3060 SmartCan™ has been adopted by yet another country in Asia to support flightline armament test of the F-16, TA-50, and Hawk aircraft.

Marvin Test Solutions will exhibit the SmartCanTM and other armament test solutions in booth Q75 at the Singapore Airshow, Asia’s largest aerospace and defense event.

Smart Weapons. Smarter Test Systems. Successful Missions.
While 4th and 5th generation aircraft have received numerous upgrades to avionics and armament systems, maintainers typically still use legacy, hand-held flightline test sets. These test sets only provide continuity and stray voltage tests, warfighting armament test gap because of their inability to check MIL-STD-1760 bus functionality during preload test. Therefore, undetected armament problems may exist, increasing the risk of mission failure.

The SmartCanTM is a high-performance, hand-held flightline test set that provides full functionality testing of the MIL-STD-1760 bus via emulation for JDAM, SDB, AMRAAM, etc. The SmartCanTM has been successfully deployed across multiple fighter and trainer aircraft including multiple blocks of the F-16, HAWK, TA/FA-50, F-15, and F-5. In fact, all TA/FA-50 units are equipped with the SmartCanTM as part of their initial delivery support package. The SmartCanTM has also successfully been tested on the A-10 and F/A-18.

”SmartCanTM is the most powerful and comprehensive hand-held, O-level armament test set available today, effectively testing 100% of the armament and smart munitions carried by today’s legacy and 5th generation aircraft,” said Major General Steve Sargeant, USAF (Ret.), CEO of Marvin Test Solutions. “Recently, another country in Asia joined the growing list of customers selecting the SmartCanTM for advanced flightline test. Those who have adopted the solution are very happy with its state-of-the-art armament test capabilities and the reduced risk of post-load mission failure they get with SmartCanTM, as compared to their legacy test solutions.”

Marvin Test Solutions created the SmartCanTM to support multiple OFPs, offering the ability to test multiple aircraft with a common test solution. The aerospace solutions provider took the existing paradigm of single aircraft test equipment and created a new, multiple aircraft test solution with SmartCanTM, ultimately improving O-level logistics, lowering operating costs, and delivering the flexibility to adapt to future armament and munitions.

It is also important to note that every Air Force using TA/FA-50s is one step closer to more easily standardizing their hand-held flightline armament test capabilities as the SmartCanTM can be deployed to eliminate the obsolete test equipment found in their fighter units.  “The fact that multiple OFPs can be loaded into a single SmartCanTM for use across their flightlines allows them to cost effectively modernize their test capabilities,” said Major General Steve Sargeant, USAF (Ret.), CEO of Marvin Test Solutions.

Exhibiting at the Singapore Airshow 2016

In addition to the SmartCanTM, Marvin Test Solutions is featuring the MT-3045 Advanced Hellfire Missile Simulator and the MT-1888 Laser Source Simulator in their booth. The MT-3045 provides complete preload test for the Hellfire Missile and the MT-1888 is an eye-safe laser capable of stimulating the seeker on any laser-guided munitions. Also on display will be the MTS-207, the ultra-rugged MIL-SPEC chassis that serves as the underpinning for most MTS I-Level test sets, and the MTS-235, the only production/depot-level test set for the F-35.  

Marvin Test Solutions’ CEO, Major Gen Stephen T. Sargeant, USAF (Ret.), and President, Loofie Gutterman will be onsite at the Singapore Airshow. To arrange a meeting, please contact Ms. Darcy Ortiz at

For more information regarding SmartCan or any other solutions, please visit booth Q75 at the Singapore Airshow or


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