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Marvin Test Solutions Expands User-Programmable PXI FPGA Product Line

New GX3748 Series 48-Channel Threshold Comparator Card Delivers Exceptional Event Monitoring Capability

Irvine, Calif. – July 22, 2020 - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc., a trusted provider of globally-deployed innovative test solutions for military, aerospace, and manufacturing organizations anounced the release of the new GX3748 Series 48-Channel Threshold Comparator Card.

The GX3748 combines 48 voltage comparator channels with windowing and precision level detection, to deliver the ideal event monitoring and control solution.  Triggers can be generated, based on user programmable voltage threshold levels, enabling time-critical response when out-of-limit test conditions occur.  Additionally, multiple high-density comparator cards can easily be combined in a single chassis without sacrificing performance or system response time, expanding monitoring capacity to many hundreds of channels.

The 50 V input range is ideal for a wide variety of applications, combining 16 channels of comparator window functionality with 32 channels of threshold detection.  Signal levels can be monitored on any of the input channels, while event timestamp and the ability to digitize and store data on a single channel per 16 channel group further expands this card’s utility.

“The GX3748 Series is the ideal solution for applications requiring simultaneous monitoring of 10’s to 100’s of channels, coupled with the ability to respond rapidly when an event occurs,” said Jon Semancik, Director of Marketing for Marvin Test Solutions. “The ability to modify the instrument’s functionality, utilizing user programmable FPGA tools, further extends the no-compromise features of this card.”

The GX3748 incorporates a user configurable Intel/Altera Stratix III FPGA -based daughter card, leveraging Quartus or the license-free Quartus Prime Lite programming tools.  The GX3748 Series is supplied with GxFPGA, a software package that includes a virtual instrument panel, and a Windows® 32/64-bit DLL driver and documentation. Interface files are provided to support access to programming tools and languages such as ATEasy®, LabVIEW™, C/C++, Microsoft C# and Visual Basic® .Net. A Linux driver is also provided with the GtLinux software package.

To learn more about Marvin Test Solutions’ suite of PXI/PXIe user-programmable FPGA modules that offer users the flexibility to create high performance, customized digital and mixed signal instrumentation for specific applications without requiring the use of external interface cards, visit


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