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Geotest Releases World's Fastest PXI Digital I/O

Geotest Releases World's Fastest PXI Digital I/O

Santa Ana, CA. (February 27, 2001) - Geotest - MTS, a Marvin Group company, today announced the introduction of GX5150, World's Fastest PXI Digital I/O Board.

The GX5150 is the world's fastest and most sophisticated PXI digital I/O board.  It offers test rates up to 100 MHz and vector depth up to 128MB.  With the built-in sequencer and multiple I/O level options, it is ideal for ANY digital test application.  The GX5150 is a high-speed 6U PXI master controller with 32 I/O channels that can be expanded up to 512 pins using 15 additional GX5151 expansion boards.

When used with the GX5150, the GX5151 offers the same timing characteristics and multiple I/O level configurations. The GX5150 and GX5151 are supplied with DIOEasy, a sophisticated Digital I/O Vector Development package, as well as drivers for ATEasy and DLLs for LabVIEW, LabWindows CVI, C, C++, and Visual Basic.

Availability:  Product shipment for the GX5150 is scheduled for March 2001.  The price for the product starts at $5250.

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