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Geotest Expands 6U PXI Digital Catalog

Geotest Expands 6U PXI Digital Catalog

AUTOTESTCON (September 15, 2007) - Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., a Marvin Group Company, today announced the addition of a high performance dynamic digital I/O instrument to its line of 6U PXI digital products.  

With the highest I/O voltage range of any PXI digital instrument in the industry (-10V to +15V with a full 25V swing), per pin programmable drive, sense, and load capabilities as well as deskew per pin and a 50 MHz vector rate, the GX5055 offers unmatched capability and flexibility for testing today’s complex digital products including LRU and SRU assemblies.

"The GX5055 represents a new level of performance and capabilities for PXI-based digital instrumentation that was previously only available in VXI." said Loofie Gutterman, President of Geotest.
"Designed to address a broad range of Mil/Aero digital test applications at both the factory and depot level, we expect a high level of interest from users looking to create next generation digital test platforms based on PXI’s high performance and compact footprint attributes."

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