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Geotest Debuts LASAR Post-Processor for Digital Test Application

Geotest Debuts LASAR Post-Processor for Digital Test Application

Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc. has introduced a new product, DtifEasy, which can import, convert, and execute IEEE-1445 compliant digital test vectors generated by a LASAR simulation.

The DtifEasy tool set gives the user overall control and execution of the .tap file conversion process, UUT configuration, and execution of go/no-go and probing sequences. The tool set also includes the ATEasy test development  and test executive environment for managing and executing the complete TPS development and deployment process.  

"When used in conjunction with Geotest’s digital instrumentation or systems, DtifEasy provides a low-cost and superior solution for migrating existing LASAR-based applications from a legacy platform to a new test platform," said Ron Yazma, Geotest’s vice president of Software Engineering. “DtifEasy supports a variety of software environments including programming languages such as CVI, LabView, VB, and C/C++ - offering customers a wide range of options when integrating DtifEasy with existing test programming environments.”

DtifEasy supports Geotest's 3U PXI GX529x series of dynamic digital instrumentation and the 6U PXI GX5055, 50 MHz digital instrument. Both of these instrument families can be used with a digital logic probe, which supports guided probe diagnostics.


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