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Geotest Expands Multi-Channel D to A Product Line

Geotest Expands Multi-Channel D to A Product Line

GX1642 offers 64 D to A channels with a wide voltage range for MEMs and industrial control applications

Irvine, Calif. (September 13, 2010) – Geotest today announced the introduction of the GX1642 Analog Ouput card which features 64 programmable analog outputs. Based on the GX1648, the GX1642 offers an expanded voltage output range of +/- 20 volts with each channel capable of suppling 10 mA of current.

“The GX1642 meets the needs for those customers working with high channel count applications such as MEMs arrays and industrial control where the typical PXI output voltage swing of +/- 10 volts is insufficient,” said David Manor, Geotest’s VP of engineering. “By leveraging our current designs we have been able to develop derivative solutions such as the GX1642 that meet the unique test needs for those customers using PXI – based solutions.”

The GX1642 is a single slot, 3U PXI module and is supplied with a a full featured API and user interface for a variety of software development environments including ATEasy, C, Visual BASIC, COM, and LabVIEW.


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