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Geotest-Marvin Test Systems Introduces 250 MS/s PXI Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator

Irvine, Calif. (September 28, 2012) – Geotest today announced the introduction the GX1120, a two channel, PXI instrument that features both arbitrary waveform and direct digital synthesis (DDS) modes of operation - providing outstanding flexibility for generating custom or periodic waveforms. The GX1120 features 16 - bit amplitude resolution, a sample rate of 250 MS/s, and 32 M samples of waveform memory, providing the flexibility to create complex and accurate waveforms.

“The GX1120 provides the features and capabilities needed by customers that are testing today’s complex communication, avionics, industrial electronics products,” said Loofie Gutterman, Geotest’s president. “By offering both DDS and Arb capabilities within one product, customers are able to replace two instruments with the GX1120 – simplifying their test system and providing a lower cost solution for their signal source and waveform generation needs.”
The GX1120 is a single slot, 3U PXI module and is supplied with a a full featured API and user interface for a variety of software development environments including ATEasy, C, Visual BASIC, COM, and LabVIEW. The GX1120 can also be used with Geotest’s analog waveform development and analysis software, WaveEasy.



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