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Geotest Signs T&M Systems B.V. as New Belgium Distributor

Geotest - Marvin Test Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that T&M Systems B.V. has joined Geotest’s international sales force. Headquartered in Tilburg, Netherlands in the center of Benelux, T&M Systems B.V. will be representing Geotest’s complete line of products, including PXI- & PC-based instrumentation, the TS-900 semiconductor test systems, the GBATS and GENASYS PXI systems, ATEasy software, and the legacy instrument replacement product line.
“We are confident that the T&M Systems-Geotest partnership, combined with Geotest’s broad product line  will be very well received in the Belgium market,” said Victor Fernandes, Geotest’s European Sales Manager, “T&M Systems has a broad background in providing test and measurement solutions in the electronics market and is committed to working closely with companies like Geotest to provide high-quality solutions, service and support. These are the same qualities that Geotest values in the relationships we have with our customers.”

The director of T&M Systems agreed, saying his company is pleased to team up with one of the leaders in PXI products and systems. . "With our long history of providing well-rounded support to our customers and Geotest's high-quality products and customer support services, the partnership is a natural extension of our mutual commitment to provide quality customer care in Belgium,” said Martin van den Brandt.

About T&M Systems B.V. – T&M Systems is the Benelux sales and service office for many leading test and measurement manufacturers including Geotest, Marvin Test Systems Inc. Since 1989, T&M Systems has offered products, support and maintenance services for mobile communications, RF/HF electronics, microwave, general purpose electronics, telecommunications, digital transmission test/analyzing, time and frequency standards, time and frequency synchronization and distribution systems, avionics, printed circuit board test, electronics production test, data acquisition, process industries, and environmental technology.


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