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Geotest Announces Agreement with Exacq Technologies

Geotest Announces Agreement  with Exacq Technologies

Irvine, CA (Apr. 1, 2004) - Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., is pleased to announce an agreement with Exacq Technologies, Inc, to carry their high speed data acquisition and multifunction analog I/O products. This will compliment Geotest's already extensive line of PXI and PC-based products. These data acquisition boards offer two 20 MS/s analog input and two 20 MS/s analog output channels, 16 digital I/Os, 12 bit A/D resolution, and 1 Hz sample clock resolution. There are also optional multiplexers available that offer up to 25 inputs. The analog I/O boards feature 32 input channels that sample up to 1 MHz, 16-bit A/D resolution, 32 digital I/Os synchronous with analog I/O, and flexible triggering modes. All Exacq boards feature on-board DSP and on-board RAM for high throughput and glitch-free capture and playback using Windows®.

"We are pleased to be offering the full line of Exacq PXI boards," said Lynn Murdock, Geotest's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We feel that these instruments provide our customers with high quality and high performance solutions for their data acquisition, inspection, automation and test and measurement applications."

"As one of the leading producers of cost-effective PC and PXI-based test and measurement systems, we're pleased that Geotest will be offering our line of data acquisition boards through their worldwide distribution channels." said Dan Rittman, President of Exacq Technologies.

About Exacq - Founded in 2002, Exacq Technologies is a worldwide leader in low-cost, next-generation data acquisition products for PCI and PXI platforms. The company offers over fifty board-level data acquisition products with extensive software. Exacq Technologies' products are used worldwide for data acquisition, inspection, automation and test and measurement applications. Exacq Technologies is a member of the PXI Systems Alliance.

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