Test Connections - May 2011

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FPGA-Based Instrumentation: Performance and Flexibility for Test Solutions

The advent of user-configurable FPGA modules for PXI makes performance and configurability benefits of FPGAs available to system developers and end users and adds new and advanced capabilities for PXI test systems.
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Satellite Manufacturer Uses PXI-Based Interface Simulators for Design Verification

Geotest's PXI products provide monitoring features to identify and resolve sub-system integration problems early in the satellite design process.
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Extend the Functionality of Geotest's GX3500 FlexDIO FPGA Product

New expansion cards let you leverage the features of the GX3500 to create highly integrated, single slot, 3U PXI instrument solutions.
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Newsworthy Happenings

Check out the latest news and events from Geotest, at home and around the world. Plus, Geotest introduces new Western Regional sales manager, Mike Schraeder.
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MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility If you are using the MXI-Express interface for controlling your PXI systems, you may have encountered problems with recognizing PXI/PXIe devices installed in the chassis (code 12 or 31 in Device Manager), with your computer locking up at boot, or with Windows crashes (blue screen).Read on to learn more.
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