Test Connections - June 2012

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Geotest Introduces New Manipulator Option and Receiver for the TS-900 Semiconductor Test System

The TS-900 Semiconductor Test System is now available with a new manipulator option and handler compatible receiver. The Reid-Ashman OM1069 manipulator is designed specifically for the TS-900 and allows precise positioning and flexibility for interfacing to automated probers and device handlers.
TS-900 Manipulator

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Using the GX5295's Level Comparators for Fast Go/No- Go Device Testing

The GX5295 provides dual input level comparators for fast validation of a semiconductor's DC parameters. Read how you can use this feature to achieve fast DC parametric test capabilities by using the GX5295's limit testing feature instead of a measure / evaluate methodology.
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Geotest Announces New Products

  • Performance 6.5 Digit PXI DMM
  • Expanded Digital File Format Support for DIOEasy-FIT
  • New Release of CalEasy
Geotest is pleased to announce the introduction of several new products including our new 6.5 digit PXI digital multimeter. The GX2065 offers a unique combination of features, resolution, accuracy and speed in a compact, single slot 3U PXI format. Geotest has also updated CalEasy and the DIOEasy file import tool with new software releases.
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Newsworthy Happenings

Geotest and our channel partners hope to see you at one of the upcoming tradeshows and seminars during the months of July and August. Currently, Geotest and our channel partners will be exhibiting at shows around the nation including Semicon West, Autotestcon, Sillicon Valley Test and International Test & Evaluation Annual Symposium in California, and Aircraft Worldwide Review in Utah.
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PXI for Semiconductor Test Seminars
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Geotest’s GX5290 series of digital instrumentation offers the ability to trade I/O vector width for vector depth. The flexibility to reconfigure the instrument's memory is ideal for test needs requiring deep serial vectors such as boundary scan applications or serial communication links.Click here to learn more.
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