Test Connections - June 2015

We had a very robust engagement with many of our customers and potential customers at the Paris Air Show. We appreciate all of you who arranged to meet with us or stopped by to say hello. While there were no US military aircraft flying during the show, we had a productive week with both industry and military leaders. From the MTS-3060 to the GENASYS, there was exciting interest in our range of production, flightline, back-shop and depot-level test sets.
Steve Sargeant, CEO

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Marvin Test Solutions Returns to the Paris Air Show

During the week of June 17, 2015, Marvin Test Solutions exhibited with the Marvin Group at the Paris Air Show, held at Le Bourget airfield, near Paris, France. This year, Marvin Test Solutions showcased the latest enhancements to our portfolio of flightline and intermediate-level armament test sets which offer advanced test capabilities and cross platform commonality.

As noted by Steve Sargeant, MTS’ CEO, “Our ongoing investments in these core products is part of a deliberate strategy to make sure that U.S. warfighters and their allies/coalition partners have access to the latest technology, making test easy and enhancing their capabilities and mission effectiveness. By introducing greater commonality and ease of use into armament test, we are simplifying logistics and lowering life cycle sustainment costs for the warfighter.”

Featured products on display at the show included:
  • PATS-70 Flightline test set, based on the MTS-207-3 platform
Paris Air Show
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Replacing Legacy Instrumentation with Form / Fit / Function (FFF) Instrumentation

Many projects and programs rely upon test systems that were designed at the beginning of a program for on-going system support and maintenance. However, as programs are extended beyond their original life term, the equipment, including test systems, must undergo a modernization phase every few years. One of the major issues typically addressed by this upgrade phase is equipment obsolescence. The availability of form, fit, function (FFF) replacement instruments offers a viable path for extending the life cycle of test systems and preserving the investment in associated test programs.
Drop-In Replacement Instrumentation
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GX7016 - PXI-Based, High Performance Switching Subsystem

Virtually all ATE systems employ a switching subsystem in order to route test system resources to multiple test points on the UUT. The challenge for any switching subsystem is multi-dimensional and involves many considerations / trade-offs including footprint, performance, flexibility, maintainability, and reliability.
MTS has recently introduced an advanced, modular switching subsystem that can support a wide range of complex and  high performance functional test requirements.
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Newsworthy Happenings at Marvin Test Solutions  

  • See us at upcoming industry conferences and trade events
  • New product collateral
  • Trade publication news
Newsworthy Happenings at Marvin Test Solutions
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Marvin Test Solutions has recently released updated drivers and software for several hardware and software products.
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