Test Connections - September 2019

Welcome to our 3rd quarter newsletter for 2019. In this issue you’ll find stories about O-Level maintenance from the maintainer’s perspective, our GENASYS high-performance mixed-signal test platform, and an innovative production test solution for mmWave beamforming devices for 5G applications that supports test frequencies up to 50 GHz.

The MTS team has been spanning the globe in recent months, and the pace continues as we participate in shows in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in the next quarter. I hope you’ll take a look at our trade show calendar for opportunities to meet with us to discuss your test challenges and learn how we can deliver solutions that meet and exceed your most demanding requirements.

As always, you can count on MTS for innovative solutions that make test easy, and of course, our unrivalled long-term support.

Stephen T. Sargeant

We hope you enjoy this month's issue of Test Connections which includes new product updates and news events.

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O-Level Maintenance – Challenges and Solutions

Smart weapon systems are tested at the flightline (O-Level) to ensure readiness and safe operation of the installed armament and munitions. The MTS-3060A SmartCan™ delivers comprehensive test capability and robust cybersecurity features for maintenance and sustainment of Smart and legacy weapon systems.
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5G Test Solution for Beamforming ICs

Production testing of mmWave devices presents a significant challenge. With the development of 5G NR, beamforming is becoming a common method for implementing phased arrays and mmWave antennas. The new TS-960e-5G wwWave/5G Production Test System supports test frequencies up to 50GHz in a compact form factor.
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GENASYS High Performance Mixed-Signal Test Platform

For both legacy and next generation test requirements, the PXI architecture offers a robust set of capabilities for performance mixed-signal test applications. The PXI-based GENASYS High-Performance Mixed-Signal Test Platform addresses the test requirements of mil/aero and other mission-critical products that require comprehensive, performance functional testing.
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Newsworthy Happenings at Marvin Test Solutions

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Newsworthy Happenings at Marvin Test Solutions
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The PXI standard has been continually upgraded to address evolving test requirements.

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Countering Cybersecurity and Counterfeit Material Threats in Test Systems

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