Test Connections
- March 2012

Cabling Interface Options for Geotest Digital I/O Instruments

Geotest offers two types of signal interface or breakout boards for interfacing to Geotest digital I/O instrumentation. The GT95014 Single-ended Breakout Adpater Board (Figure 1) for the Geotest Digital I/O cards provides an interface between the 68-pin VHDC connectors used on the Geotest DIO cards and 100 mil spaced pins. In addition, the GT95014 provides the option of terminating all of the I/O signals with a matching impedance for a specific UUT / DIO configuration.


Figure 1: GT95014

The GT95015 (Figure 2) is a breakout adapter that can be used with all Geotest Digital I/O products that provide differential I/O signals. For ease of access to the digital signals, the GT95015 breaks out the 68-pin VHDC connector (J1) pins to a dual row connector with 100 mil spaced pins, designated J2 on the board. In addition, the GT95015 provides three methods of terminating all of the I/O signals in order to best match the requirements of the UUT and the DIO instrument.


Figure 2: GT95015

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