Test Connections - March 2016

Did You Know?

For I-Level test and O-level test of the Maverick missile family, MTS offers the MTS-206 field test set, the MTS-916 modular target simulator, and the MT1888 handheld laser source simulator. These three products offer comprehensive field and intermediate level testing for all variants of the Maverick missile family and provide verification and maintenance of both guidance and electronics modules.  The portable, ultra-ruggedized MTS-206-2 performs parametric functional tests on most variants of the Maverick missile and its system components, including the AGM-65 missile (all versions in tactical and training configurations), the AGM-65 missile sections (GCS & CAS, all versions in tactical and training configurations), the  LAU-117 and LAU-88 Maverick launchers (all versions), and launcher-missile clusters. The MTS-206-2 also tests all variants of the AGM-114 Hellfire missile.
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For I-level testing of the Maverick’s optical guidance components, the MTS-206-2 is combined with the MTS-916 Modular Target Simulator which features state-of-the-art, target simulators for TV, CCD, infrared, and laser guided weapons. The MTS-916 product line is known for its ability to replace multiple obsolete target simulators for the AGM-65 Maverick missile guidance sections and can test the AGM-65E / E2 / L Laser Maverick seeker heads. The MTS-916 family is fully compatible with any Maverick test set using legacy simulators, including the AN/DSM-157 Guided Missile Test Set (GMTS).
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For O-level or flightline test, MTS’ MT1888 laser source simulator offers maintainers a quick and easy pre-flight test method to verify that optical guidance system is active and able to track a laser source. The MT1888 product family is made up of state-of-the-art, handheld Laser Source/Spot Simulators (LSS) which can be easily used in the field to test seeker functionality on all NATO specification laser guided munitions, including the AGM-114 Hellfire and Hellfire II missiles and AGM-65E laser guided Maverick missile.
MT1888, MTS-916, MTS-206-2
The combination of all three products - the MT1888, MTS-916 and MTS-206-2 offers maintainers a comprehensive set of flight line and intermediate test capabilities for the Maverick missile family, ensuring a high level of mission readiness and enhanced maintainability.