Test Connections
- March 2012

Geotest Introduces CalEasy - a New Calibration Executive Software Package

New Software Product - CalEasy
Geotest has recently released CalEasy, a software package which offers customers an integrated software environment for verifying and re-calibrating Geotest PXI products. With CalEasy, users now have the option to perform verification and re-calibration of Geotest instrumentation on-site, eliminating the need to return their instruments to Geotest or to contract with a 3rd party calibration service. The initial release of CalEasy supports Geotest’s GX5960 and GX5055 digital I/O cards. Subsequent releases of CalEasy will support other Geotest digital and analog instrumentation. Learn more about CalEasy or contact us.


Product Updates

New Software Downloads
Geotest has updated the GtDIO, GxChassis and GtDIO6x software packages. These are now available and can be downloaded here.

Software updates:
  • GTDIO6x (GX5961/4) v1.2 – Updated UI and calibration, bug fixes
  • GTDIO/DIOEasy v4.1 build 56 – Updated calibration and bug fixes
  • GxChassis v2.1 – Support for B version chassis

Updated Geotest GX7100 and GX7000 Chassis Products
Geotest has recently upgraded the GX7100 and the GX7000 PXI chassis to "B" versions. These new versions eliminate the floppy drive (master chassis) and have added additional capabilities including:
  • 10 MHz reference In/Out connections on the rear panel
  • Rear VGA connection (master chassis)
  • Support for i7 embedded controllers (master chassis)
To find out more, click on one of these links:  GX7100B, GX7000B or contact us.

Geotest Enhances Laser Source Simulator Product Line with MT1888A+
Geotest has recently introduced  a new addition to its MT1888A Laser Source Simulator (LSS) product line. The MT1888A+ is a direct response to our many customers’ request to incorporate remote control capabilities as part of the MT1888A’s features. The Advanced MT1888A+ which simulates the return signature from a lased target, has all of the features of the original hand-held MT1888A model  as well as offering remote control capabilities via an RS-422 interface. With remote control capability, you can pre-program the MT1888A+ without manually inputting codes via the device’s keypad – providing an automated test interface for remote testing and control of laser targeting devices. To learm more about the MT1888A+ please contact us.