Test Connections - June 2019

MTS Supports USAF A-10/C Test Set Upgrades

Marvin Test Solutions has completed shipments, ahead of schedule, of chassis and instrumentation for the U.S. Air Force PATS-70A program including new production units and upgrade kits for existing PATS-70 test sets.

An Engineering-Design Partnership
MTS partnered with the U.S. Air Force, Ogden Air Logistics Complex at Hill AFB, Utah in 2014 to design, produce, and deploy the PATS-70 (Portable Automated Test Station Model 70) test set based on its field-proven COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) MTS-207 Rugged Field Test Set which replaced the obsolete PATS-30.
PATS-70 at the Flightline

The PATS-70
The PATS-70 is a robust, flightline-qualified test set designed to perform functional tests on the A-10/C’s Anti-skid, Alpha Mach, Stability Augmentation System, and Fuel Quantity Indicating System. Based on the flexible PXI platform, the PATS-70 consolidates multiple test capabilities into one automated, user-friendly, mission-ready test set.

Although designed to support the A-10/C, the test set has no A-10/C specific components, so it can be adapted to support other aircraft, platforms, or systems.

The PATS-70A
In addition to new features that enhance usability, ruggedness, and airflow/cooling, the PATS-70A upgrade enhances the capabilities of the PATS-70 test set to support armament and weapon system LRUs (Line Replaceable Units) as well as extending the capability of the existing TPSs (Test Program Sets).

While the PATS-70 was designed for A-10 avionics testing on the flightline (O-Level), the PATS-70A adds armament testing, extending test capability to the backshop (I-Level) as well.

This increased test capability is provided by the addition of the following new instruments:

  • GX6315-M, 45-Channel High Current Relay Card

Marvin Test Solutions is proud to support this new build and  upgrade program, delivering comprehensive solutions that meet and exceed both current and future test needs.

To learn more about how the PATS-70 and PATS-70A make test easy for the maintainers of the A-10/C, download these white papers: