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Programmable-Levels I/O Module for GT5xxx Cards

  • Programmable levels and thresholds with tristate control
  • 50 MHz maximum test rate
  • Optional module termination
  • For use with GT5150 or GT5900


The GT5930 programmable level I/O module eliminates the need to create custom interface circuits. The GT5930 module interfaces between the GT5150 and GT50-DIO TTL environment and the variable custom levels at the UUT. The GT5930 is a plug-in unit, and can be mounted on the GT5150 or the GT5900 I/O module carrier card. The GT5930 provides 32 channels of programmable level translation outputs combined with programmable level threshold inputs.


The GT5930 employs the EDGE649 octal pin driver/receiver to provide programmable output and threshold levels common to all I/O channels. In addition to high and low I/O voltage levels, the logic threshold is fully programmable via three on-board DAC controlled variable power supplies. The 11V driver output and receiver input range allows a direct interface to TTL, ECL, CMOS (3 V, 5 V, and 8 V), and custom level circuitry.


Programming of the GT5930 Module is performed via the host. Programmable functions include:
  • High and low I/O voltage levels
  • Common threshold level
  • Signal termination enable/disable
  • I/O data direction
  • Tri-state control


  • IC testing
  • Custom input and output levels
  • Process control