New Product

Infrared (IR) Target Simulator

  • State-of-the-art Infrared (IR) target simulator
  • Supports all current IR guided weapons
  • Simulates heat signature of target
  • Ideal for O-Level (field) and I-Level (shop) test
  • Lightweight, battery operated handheld unit


The MT1812 IR Target Simulator is a state-of-the-art IR Torch used for testing a wide range of IR guided munitions including the AIM-9, AGM-65, IRIS-T, and many others.

Hand-held, lightweight and battery operated, the MT1812 target simulator is an easy to operate IR guided munitions maintenance tool used to check the operational readiness of IR seekers.

Ideal for use in the field (O-level) or in the shop (I-Level), the MT1812 simulates the heat source of targets, and provides maintenance personnel with a tool to quickly test and verify the tracking capabilities of the specific munition.

Capable of testing all current IR guided weapons, the MT1812 supports Mid-Wave IR (3-5 Micron) and Long-Wave IR (8-14 Micron) heat signatures.


The lightweight, hand-held MT1812 simulates the heat signature of targets, delivering a high degree of confidence in the weapon system's functionality.  

Maintenance personnel can easily simulate an actual target by simply moving the MT1812 throughout the operational range of the seeker head.


  • IR Missile and other IR weapons testing
  • Preflight checkup

                           MT1812 Kit and Carry Case