ATEasy® Software - Nine Generations and 25 Years of Making Test Easy

ATEasy Software – Nine Generations and 25 Years of Making Test Easy

Marvin Test Solutions is marking the silver anniversary of ATEasy, its evolutionary test software suite, first released in 1991 and now in its ninth generation.

Since its founding over 25 years ago, Marvin Test Solutions’ singular focus has been automated functional test, with the goal to make test easy by creating innovative solutions with unrivaled long-term support. ATEasy provides test engineers with all of the necessary tools to efficiently develop, debug, document, maintain, and execute test applications. Building on our 25+ years of hardware, software and system design expertise, MTS has continually invested in ATEasy with the goal to provide an ATE software product that is easy to use / maintain, is supportable, and also meets the demanding test requirements of today’s complex systems.

Developed from the ground up as ATE software for test and measurement applications, ATEasy is the only commercially-available test development / test executive software with an integrated HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), full simulation capabilities, and backward compatibility with all previous versions. ATEasy is compatible with Windows® XP through Windows 10 operating systems, and its open architecture supports all industry-standard hardware and software interfaces.

ATEasy’s Key Features include:
  • Integrated test executive AND test development environment - simplifying overall test program development and deployment, allowing test engineers to focus on developing test programs rather than the test program environment
  • Extremely powerful, yet easy to use - ideally suited for test engineers that work with both hardware and software test system components
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework gets you up and programming / deploying quickly - accelerating your time to test
  • Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) addresses / minimizes instrument obsolescence issues and preserves your investment in test programs
  • Comprehensive simulation of system, drivers and UUT - facilitates and accelerates test system development, verification and deployment
  • No runtime license fee - cost effective for multiple system deployments
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