MTS-3060A SmartCanTM

Universal O-Level Armament Test Set

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Experience the future of armament test today
One solution, any smart or legacy weapons system

The most advanced flightline test set available, capable of testing all Alternate Mission Equipment (AME) and Aircraft Armament Equipment (AAE) including pylons, launchers, bomb racks, and pods.

Overcoming the legacy and “smart” weapons armament test gap, SmartCan utilizes active test and weapons emulation for all currently deployed weapons systems’ communications interfaces.

Lightweight, hand-held and ergonomically designed for ease of use, the ruggedized, impact resistant construction enables operation in the most demanding and adverse conditions.

Significant reductions in field setup and test times over legacy test sets, flightline validated up to 90%, with greatly reduced logistics footprint, training and support requirements.

Unrivaled cybersecurity protection for platforms and weapons systems including data encryption and removable storage, with monitoring and collection systems allowing predictive maintenance fault analysis.