Flightline Testing of Laser-Guided Munitions
Aircraft With the increasing sophistication of laser-guided munitions, an advanced and reliable test solution is now essential to successful operations. Offering hand-held, O-Level functionality, Marvin Test Solutions’ MT1888 laser source simulators deliver efficient functional test of munitions while loaded aboard aircraft. These state-of-the-art products feature compatibility with all NATO specification-based, laser-guided munitions in a portable, cost-effective unit.

Read the white paper, "Flightline Testing of Laser Guided Munitions," to learn more about the key features of the MT1888 Series including:
  • Lightweight, handheld design suitable for flightline, backshop, and depot testing
  • Eye-safe operation, no protective goggles required
  • Simulated returns from "laser painted" targets
  • Support of all U.S. laser-guided weapons
  • LCD screen and membrane switches select PRF and PIM laser code selection (MT1888A and MT1888A+)
  • Remote control option (MT1888A+)
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By Major General Stephen T. Sargeant, USAF (Ret.)
CEO, Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.
Vice President, Strategic Development for The Marvin Group
and Mr. Loofie Gutterman
President, Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.
Flightline Testing of Laser Guided Munitions
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