PXI - Based Semiconductor Test Systems: Advanced Test Capabilities and…
PXI-Based Semiconductor Test Systems

The ongoing challenge for today’s semiconductor test engineers is to identify and create new test solutions that can offer significantly lower test costs as well as address the need for configurable, open-architecture, flexible test solutions that can provide comparable features to proprietary ATE platforms.

In particular, for test requirements with low to moderate volumes, e.g., pilot production, verification, and focused production test applications, the need for flexible and cost effective ATE solutions is particularly acute. For these applications, test engineers historically have relied upon legacy test systems which have a low acquisition cost but high operating costs or in-house designed, rack and stack solutions.

With timing per pin, PMU per pin, and advanced software tools, the advancements in PXI-based semiconductor test system solutions can offer test engineers the flexibility and performance for both current and future test needs.

Marvin Test Solutions’ TS-960e-5G mmWave / 5G Production Test System delivers proven performance up to 50 GHz. The system integrates laboratory grade RF performance directly to the mmWave Device Under Test (DUT) for multi-site production test or device characterization for mmWave devices. In addition, MTS offers a full suite of digital and parametric testing and SPI/I2C interface support to functionally control / monitor the device under test.

The TS-960e-5G is part of Marvin Test Solutions’ suite of semiconductor test solutions which includes:
  • TS-960e Series PXIe Semiconductor Test System with Timing Per Pin Digital Subsystem
  • TS-900 Series PXI-based integrated semiconductor test platform
  • TS-960 Series PXI Semiconductor Test System with Timing per Pin Digital Subsystem
  • MTEK (Marvin Test Expansion Kit) Tester Upgrade Solution for Legacy Test Systems including Eagle, Teradyne, LTX, Credence, ASL 1000, Sentry
  • ICEasy Semiconductor Test Software Suite

To learn more about MTS’ creative and cost-effective solution for testing Metal-Oxide (MOX) Gas Sensors, please register to download our white paper, “Metal-Oxide Gas Sensor Testing”.

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Metal-Oxide (MOX) Gas Sensor Testing
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