Portable and Handheld

GENASYS Rugged, MTS’ adverse environment test platform, is designed and tested to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, making these solutions durable enough to support mission readiness whether in the backshop or on the flightline. Our handheld and portable solutions deliver laboratory grade measurement performance to the field, combining the test capabilities of larger Depot level systems in rugged, flightline and back-shop qualified compact enclosures.

Unrivaled cybersecurity features, reduced logistics footprint, and simplified training and maintenance are common features found in MTS’ Portable and Handheld solutions, ideal for O-Level (flightline) and I-Level (backshop) maintenance levels. Solutions feature active armament test and munitions simulation, intuitive menu driven test interfaces and simplified cable management to further enhance the effectiveness of armament maintainers.

Test Solution Categories